Can I buy Dogecoin in Binance?

Not only can you buy Dogecoin in Binance, it’s also one of the best places to purchase, sell, trade, and hold the coin. Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin can be used for decentralized network-based peer-to-peer transactions. There are more differences between them than similarities, in fact. First of all, Bitcoin is a much more serious investment. It was the authentic blockchain proof-of-concept, while DOGE was started as a joke.

Ways to buy Dogecoin on Binance

You can purchase DOGE by debit or credit card or make a deposit in fiat money and trade the coin. This is a good way to add a cash balance in your currency of choice to your account with the exchange. Then, you can spot trade or buy Dogecoin. You can also buy and sell DOGE as you go by download the Binance crypto trading app. It’s available from the App Store and Google Play and gives you the option to trade more than 150 cryptocurrencies whenever and wherever you want.

Buy DOGE instantly

It’s intuitive and easy to trade crypto on Binance and purchasing the coin directly transpires in just a few simple steps. With almost 1.5 million orders per second supported by the exchange’s matching engine, you’re guaranteed a quick and reliable crypto trading experience. You can exchange DOGE for more than 150 other coins on the exchange’s quick, industry-leading, secure trading platform.

Trusted, safe, liquid

Binance has millions of active users and their multi cluster, multi tier system architecture protects their account. It’s also the most liquid cryptocurrency exchange in the world, offering some of the largest volumes across several trading pairs.

Storing or holding DOGE

After you buy DOGE on Binance, there are lots of things you can do with it. These include storing, holding, sending, and more. Binance has a crypto app called Trust Wallet, in which users can store their DOGE safely. This is the most secure and intuitive mobile wallet for this coin. You can also send DOGE to anyone anywhere in the world.

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