What is the fee for maintaining a Plus500 account?

The inactivity fee applied by Plus500 is $10 a month and takes effect if you haven’t been active for three months or more. Put another way, if you haven’t logged in to your account for three months or more, they’ll start charging you this fee. People need to apply a certain strategy when it comes to trading or investments to avoid getting charged after a period of inactivity. If you are the “buy and hold” type of investor, the fee makes Plus500 a less than perfect provider. On the other hand, the fee is very low.

Other Fees

Depending on how you trade, one or more of the following fees might apply to your account.

Currency Conversion Fee

The broker levies this fee for all trades carried out in a currency that’s not the same as that of your  account. This fee is reflected in an open position’s non-realized profit and loss in real time.

Overnight Funding

This fee can be subtracted from or added to your account when you hold a position overnight or after another specific period of time.

Guaranteed Stop

The guaranteed stop order is applied when a trader wants to avoid excessive risk. It ensures that you’ll cut your losses. This feature is subject to a wider spread because it makes sure your position closes at the rate specified.

No Deposit and Withdrawal Fee

Plus500 doesn’t charge deposit and withdrawal fees. The broker covers the majority of fees incurred by processing payments as part of their pledge to ensure the best possible trading conditions. Transfers from and to accounts with the broker may incur fees on rare occasions. More specifically, these occasions include transactions in a non-supported currency, incoming or outgoing bank transfers, and international transactions with credit or debit cards. The trader’s bank or payment issuer determines these fees, not Plus500.

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