What is the fee for maintaining an eToro account?

Unfortunately, eToro applies a penalty for inactivity of $10 per month. On the plus side, you need to be inactive for a whole year before they start charging this fee. It’s important to devise a strategy to avoid such long interruptions in trading activity. EToro isn’t the ideal broker if you’re the type of investor who wants to hold their assets and see how the markets will develop.

Changing fee structure

Without a doubt, this is a low fee. The broker is working on altering their fee structure. For example, they used to charge a withdrawal fee. After a lot of users started to complain, they eliminated it for clients in the US. Clients in other countries are still charged a $5 fee. You’re also subjected to a fee in the US if you withdraw less than $30, but we’re perplexed as to why you’d do that.

A small fee is charged on positions on contracts for difference, which remain open. The fee depends on the position’s value. Basically, this fee is an interest payment that covers the leverage cost a trader uses overnight. If you want to keep a position open on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be charged a weekend fee. This is three times the overnight fee. Depending on the asset, it is either charged on Wednesday or on Friday.

Fee Amount Factors

The specific amount you’ll need to pay depends on the assets you trade and on your location. Outside the US, people who trade stocks are not charged any commission to open or close a long position. If you want to short sell, you’ll be charged 0.18% of the trade’s value.

Clients in the US are charged between 0.75% and 5% on cryptocurrency trades depending on the coin. This is a non-transparent fee integrated in the execution price.

Clients not in the US who purchase assets in a currency different from their domestic one will be charged a currency conversion fee.

There’s always a fee to transfer a cryptocurrency out of your account with the broker and into your own wallet. The minimum depends on the coin.

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