Does Interactive Brokers charge withdrawal fees?

Making a withdrawal from Interactive Brokers is easy and simple. In the Client Portal, you must go to the Transfer Funds page and complete a request. You have one free withdrawal a month. After you’ve used it, you’ll be charged a variable fee, which we’ll explain more about below. In addition, your withdrawals may be subject to security limitations.

Clients without sufficient funds cannot make withdrawal requests, which is fairly obvious. You need equity above the initial margin required. Availability is defined as the lower amount of settlement or trade date funds.

All withdrawals are made in the account holder’s name as per anti-money laundering regulations, which the broker abides by strictly. Some types of transborder withdrawals have been banned as part of their Anti-Money Laundering program, as are risky cashiering patterns in general.

Users who are not part of the Secure Login System are subject to withdrawal limits. Those who are enjoy enhanced withdrawal capabilities.

Fee Schedule after first free withdrawal

IBKR charges different fees to process Corporate Actions impacting any securities you’ve invested in. Here is a list of the other fees:

  • Hong Kong Stock Tenders for Cash: 0.1% Stamp Duty
  • Requests to exercise Dissenter or Appraisal Rights: $100 + external costs
  • AU Corporate Actions: Free
  • AU Proxy Vote Submission / Modification: AUD 20
  • AU Corporate Actions (Tenders): Free
  • All Other (options, voluntary, compulsory, etc.): Free
  • Withholding Tax Reclaim requests for dividends on French stocks: EUR 125 per line
  • Withholding Tax Voucher requests for dividends on German stocks: EUR 30 per line
  • Withholding Tax Voucher requests for dividends on Swiss stocks: CHF 15 per line

Other information

There is a deadline to submit corporate actions, after which the client’s request might not be accepted. A fee of 100 AUD will be charged per request if it is not accepted after the submission deadline. The action outcome is immaterial. Rejection, reduction, or acceptance of a request is at the issuer’s sole discretion, regardless of the outcome of the corporate action. There is no charge for a tender issue on first submission. Every next one will cost 100 AUD each.

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