Does Interactive Brokers accept Skrill deposits

Unfortunately, IB is not accepting Skrill deposits at this time. However, this broker accepts many other deposit methods and it’s very easy to fund your account with them. Here’s a brief guide on how to make a deposit and get started with IB.

The broker recommends funding the account directly. You can use an Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) position transfer to transfer a full account or positions from a third-party broker. This option is available on the Account Management page. Here, you’ll get information about a deposit to your account. A notice of deposit isn’t the same as a transfer though. To deposit funds, you need to make an arrangement with your broker or bank.

It’s best to have an IB-verified Secure Login device. If you don’t have one, you can’t deposit more than $20,000.

Deposit funds into SFA

To deposit funds into SFA (Single Fund Account), you must select Deposit under Transaction Type in Account Management. In the list of currency, choose the one your account is in. Then, choose the deposit method desired (check, wire, etc.) from the Method of deposit list. In the Amount field, enter your desired deposit amount. If you first set up an ETF deposit (for Canadian users) or an ACH, you do not enter an amount.

After that, it’s very easy. To finish your deposit, you just follow the instructions on the screen. Your broker or bank will provide additional info on how to move the funds into your IB account using the method of deposit you chose under “Fund Transfer.”  

Types of deposit methods

The broker supports bank transfer, online bill payment check, check (all checks, including retirement checks), and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer initiated at IB. There is also Direct Rollover (IRA accounts only), AUD bill payment (BPAY – for Australian Dollars only), and trustee-to-trustee (IRA accounts only).

To complete the deposit notification, everything you need is on one single page. The next part of the notice form appears once you complete the first and so on.

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