Who is the owner of IG Group?

IG Group is a UK-based company that offers trading in spread bets, CFDs, and other financial derivatives. It has been providing retail traders with stock brokerage services since 2014. IG Group has grown worldwide although most of its activities are carried out in the UK. The UK’s financial services watchdog, FCA, regulates the broker.

IG Group is on the FTSE 250 index and the London Stock Exchange. The chairman of the company is Mike McTighe, and the CEO is June Felix. The company also offers online Forex trading and share dealing.

It was established by Stuart Wheeler in 1974. Initially, it was called Investors Gold Index or IG Index for short. Back then, it only dealt in spread betting. It had the novel approach of letting people trade gold without actually buying it physically.

IG Group Founder

The company was renamed to IG Group in 2000, after which it was listed on LSE for the first time. Since then, it has evolved and extended the product range to meet traders and investors’ changing needs. Today, a wide range of resources and tools to assist users is supported. Their news and educational services build on 40 years of experience to help users invest and trade intelligently. These include providing alters about important economic events and market insight and teaching critical risk management and trading techniques.

The owner (chairman) mentioned does not hold 100% of the company’s shares. There are also some minority shareholders, such as Norges Bank Investment Management with equity of 8,516,000, corresponding to 2.3% of share capital. The full list is subject to periodic updates and available on IG’s website.

Norges Bank Investment Management is an oil fund involved in sustainable management of income from Norwegian oil and gas. Previously, it was called the Government Pension Fund Global. Both its and IG Group’s risk management strategy and operating model have proven resilient after extensive testing over time.  

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