How to create your first NFT

We’re in the heyday of digital art; this fact is obvious to anyone. This article will cover everything you need to know to create your very first NFT. Practically all content can be of NFT. If there’s one anything goes industry, this is it. It goes beyond digital art. It can be a meme, a song, a recipe, or anything else. Entire companies have been and are currently listed for sale on NFT marketplaces. Very few, if any restrictions exist in terms of what kind of content can be “tokenized” and turned into an NFT.

Copyrighted content is off limits

While there’s no better time to experiment with NFTs, it goes without saying that copyrighted content or assets are off limits. As long as you steer clear of those, you can benefit wildly from the growing demand for NFTs.

Getting started

You don’t need to be an expert in crypto to create an NFT, but there are a few things you can’t do without. Two of those things are Ethereum and a crypto wallet. You can set this up from your phone in just several minutes. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to get a crypto wallet, buy ether, the currency of Ethereum, and connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace.

Getting a crypto wallet

The first step in the process of creating your first NFT is to set up a digital wallet. With one, you can store the currency needed to create or trade NFTs safely and easily. You can also safely sign in and create accounts on NFT marketplaces with this wallet.

There are literally thousands of platforms that currently offer free wallets for storing cryptocurrency. We have included the best options in the sections below. They are guaranteed to work with most major NFT marketplaces and blockchain apps.

Getting a crypto wallet


Over a million members of the worldwide crypto community use the Metamask wallet, which is available as a browser extension and mobile app. It is easy to connect it to the majority of NFT marketplaces and crypto apps. It’s available on iOS and Android. You don’t need to use other apps to buy coins as Metamask simplifies the process of purchasing crypto as well.


Metamask is a bit more suitable for users with some experience though. On the other hand, beginners will find the Coinbase wallet a great solution. This is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the US. Their wallet is a great option for newbies.


The Rainbow wallet is a relatively new offering, currently available on iOS and Android and created with Ethereum assets in mind. Its design is visually appealing and it allows users to display their NFT collections. It’s as easy to buy Ethereum on iOS as it is to use Apple Pay with Rainbow.

Once you’ve chosen the right wallet for your needs, you’re ready to move to the next step: buying ether. You don’t need to purchase a lot. Most NFT marketplaces will charge you a fee to turn your content into an NFT. We’ll go back to this later. Meanwhile, you must buy some ether to cover the costs of creating your first NFT.

As with all cryptos, the price of Ethereum fluctuates from minute to minute. Just choose an amount in your respective currency, which you are willing to invest, and buy the corresponding amount of ether. Both Metamask and Rainbow make it possible to buy crypto right inside your wallet. If you choose Coinbase, you’ll have to buy ether from a separate exchange and transfer it to your wallet.

Once you’ve bought some ether, you’re ready to take your final step: connecting your wallet to an NFT marketplace. The best one for beginners is OpenSea. Check out our OpenSea review to learn more about minting an NFT on the platform. The process is easy and simple. The platform provides detailed instructions on how to do it.  

Another good option for creators just getting started with NFTs is Rarible. Its setup is easy and straightforward. To link your wallet to Rarible, click on the Connect button in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to another screen. From the next one, choose the WalletConnect option if you’re using Metamask or Rainbow wallets. If you chose Coinbase, click on WalletLink.

Keep in mind that many other wallets are supported as well. The following step is the same no matter which wallet you are using. You’ll see a QR code on the screen after selecting your connection option. Scan this code using your wallet app. Then, click on Confirm. This confirms that you’d like to connect your wallet to Rarible.


Final thoughts

The importance of a secure connection cannot be overstated, but it’s often overlooked. Platforms like Rarible will always ask you to confirm purchases before moving forward. Your account on OpenSea, Rarible, or another marketplace is generated as soon as you connect a wallet.

There you have it. That was all you needed to know to create your first NFT. Whether someone will buy it is another issue altogether.  

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